Daily Prompt: Devastation

via Daily Prompt: Devastation Devastation, devastation, devastation. There’s something about saying devastation outloud over and over again that has a tantalizing ring to it. Writing involves the use of words (obviously); and for every individual there are certain words that tend to capture one’s attention; something about how certain words roll off the tongue makes them … More Daily Prompt: Devastation

Time Flies

Damn it’s been four months since I last published anything. No good! That being said I know I don’t have any or many followers but I’m try to publish here weekly. I’m going to try to have my mind see it as an extension of my self-care in my attempt to keep my life as … More Time Flies


Awhile back there was a tea swap I partook in at IGGPPC. My tea swap buddy introduced me to a few select teas from Adagio. I must say I never heard of this brand until she sent me some of there stuff. I am officially in love!! The one I’m particularly loving lately is the … More Adagio

Online Ramblings

I have been debating the purpose of a blog for a really long time now. Been self-conscious about having my thoughts, opinions out there in the world for all to see. Nevertheless, I feel it’s the right time to slowly overcome that fear. The fear of being judged by others. It’s interesting, I feel secure … More Online Ramblings

Coffee & Tea

Woo hoo another post in my blog!!! Woot! So, I want to talk about two camps  people fall under when it comes to of caffeine. Coffee and tea. I have often seen myself as an adamant tea drinker; I LOVE iced black tea. It’s a childhood thing I associate with my dad who would often … More Coffee & Tea