Daily Prompt: Devastation

via Daily Prompt: Devastation

Devastation, devastation, devastation. There’s something about saying devastation outloud over and over again that has a tantalizing ring to it.

Writing involves the use of words (obviously); and for every individual there are certain words that tend to capture one’s attention; something about how certain words roll off the tongue makes them enticing. Then the meaning of the word and the emotions and/or images it summons into one’s head only adds to it.

Devastation is one of those words (for me at least.) It conjures up feelings and images of power…. Power that’s gone awry; as we all know devastation is the aftermath of destruction. It’s a powerful word even if it is on the more negative spectrum, I can’t help but respect it.

Weird don’t you think?

Thanks for reading this really random blurb.


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