Daily Prompt: Capable

via Daily Prompt: Capable

I’m a capable adult.

I’m a capable adult… however, like any other human being I do have my moments where I question my abilities; and that is not just triggered by my “duh!” moments.

It can be said on the days when one just wakes up on the wrong side of the bed that one may  incessantly question their capabilities.

I recall back when I worked in California how I was burning out on my job, it often feltlike no matter how hard I worked NOTHING was ever getting done. Even though I was ALWAYS drop-dead tired after work.

So, as an experiment I bought some small thin moleskin notebooks. I decided for a week I was going to track and list everything I did in a day related to work.

Once I started doing that holy crap did my outlook on my job and myself change. One day would often consist of multiple pages in a 5 x 8.25 notebook. At the end of the day I would look it over and be like “No wonder I’m so goddamn tired and burned out@!” In a day I would do so much for my clients (I was a medical case manager) and it was often one-on-one interaction with either the clients or their medical doctors’/nurses/or  various social workers in a day, where I would just coordinate and organize things to make it easier for my clients. Often times my day-to-day paperwork and behind-thetdesk-work fell to the wayside. It was mentally and emotionally exhausting job but I loved it.

Anyways, doing the little journal listing thing REALLY helped me out a ton. It was a form of self-validation and release that was definitely needed. Hmm, perhaps it’s an exercise I should take up again.

What do you think? (You can reply or just mull it over your own mind)

Thanks for reading.


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