via Daily Prompt: Someday

Someday… anytime I hear that it sounds hopeful. Think about it, whenever one hears or uses the term someday it’s with hope that something is going to change usually for the better.

On that note, what is my current “someday.” I know for a fact that I will have a career in my area of expertise at some point and that I will have a social life again too; so that’s not really my “someday.” I don’t know what my major someday is right now actually.

I have some superficial somedays though; like someday I will reach my goal weight of being somewhere along the 130’s pounds; someday I will be able to tame this untamable curly hair of mine; someday I will have a toned fit body etc., etc., guess you can say those are my vanity based somedays.

Then I have my dream “somedays'” which mostly revolves around me writing a fantasy series with strong female characters.

Then there are these somedays; that someday my self-esteem will be as strong and resilient as a mountain; someday I will have the confidence needed speak my mind without ever second guessing  what I said is actually worth a dime; someday, I will have the courage to state what I want whenever I want and not give a damn whether it was “appropriate” and someday I won’t ever feel ashamed about voicing my needs and wants.

Wow, I have a lot to work on… heh…someday… perhaps.

Thanks for reading.


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