Elizabeth Gilbert’s Creativity Workshop

Creativity Notebook

Activity 1

[]Click on the following link to go to my Creativity Notebook ; I honestly just realized I could have more then one blog on wordpress!! []

What would you do for a living if you were not afraid of anything?

What I would do for a living would involve incorporating art activities in therapeutic group settings and write for a living.

My mind keep wandering to the time I was running a (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) DBT/Self-Care group at homeless shelter for women and children. This group specifically targeted the mom’s. I broke it down in sections and picked out various DBT concepts and tied art or self-care projects to various sections. I enjoyed doing this because some of the DBT concepts I would explain often sparked wonderful conversations among the ladies and how it related to their lives. The art activities also allowed the ladies relax and enjoy themselves; and actually focus on themselves for a change.

I enjoy listening to people talk about their issues and provide them with ideas or exercises for them to try and see if that helped them heal a bit more from their experiences. First though, what I mean about listening to people with issues; is listening to those who are ready to take the steps and ready to do the soul searching required to address the issues many keep running away from.

I enjoy being apart of their journey. It’s fulfilling… To be a conduit for the people who are motivated and/or willing to try, it’s  a type of fulfillment I enjoy experiencing.

I want to play a part in the journey people undergo when they confront their internal fears and stop running from them.

This is what I would do for a living; work with the people who are ready to face their fears; and incorporate art and self-discovery activities (among other things) for them to do.

I would love to see this come to fruition in some way AND work on my own creative writing too.

Writing is always something I’ve wanted to do and have in my life, even though I am not very good at it (it’s why I’ve always been fearful of vigorously pursuing it). The reason I say I’m not good at it is because I’ve been told by instructors that my grammar and sentences are incoherent. I can see their point because I write the way I think and that is never in the proper English format. Even when I try to reread both to myself and out loud, it all sounds alright to me.


What themes do you see?

I’m invigorated by the experience and the idea of working with people who are ready to face their fears and work through them.
What is exciting to you?

The times I’ve had a client talk to me about the issues they have and what they’ve realized as they work through them interests me. It makes me want to be a part of the journey they are going through and provide them with the tools or support that helps them to thrive.
What do you want to use this course to start pursuing or start creating?

I want to use this course to stop me from letting my fear hinder me in the doing and development of my creative idea. What I mean by that is this: I don’t want to sit with paper and pen in hand, frozen in fear that whatever comes out will be stupid and horrendous. I don’t want my fear deluding me into inaction because the idea of me getting  to work with motivated people on a therapeutic level that incorporates art and host of other activity based interventions is too far-fetched… that it’s all a fantasy.

This is the course name on Udemy +Acumen Presents: Elizabeth Gilbert’s Creativity Workshop


4 thoughts on “Elizabeth Gilbert’s Creativity Workshop

  1. Hi Ainsley,
    I can relate to so much of what you said regarding creative writing and scholarly writing in grad school! Same thing happened to me. Now I am working to escape that box of scholarly writing and find freedom in writing without worrying about the type of form and content that grad school forced us into. I look forward to reading your comments and thoughts. It was only after I started following a author on Instagram who seems to break the rules of grammar and sentence structure with her prose that I realized I just need to write words; and so I am.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for your supportive words! I have been trying to get into the habit of writing more but no lie; I’m still a bit afraid. I’m sure many things are contributing to this the negative experiences from college I had about my writing, my inner perfectionist and my overworked/overstretched mind and soul from the pressure and stress of my day job.

      I believe my biggest issue is finding the energy after the-energy draining work day to make time for my writing. I believe, I have to take it bit by bit; like try not to write a full blown story right off the bat, but take steady baby steps. Otherwise, my inner anxiety-triggering-perfectionism freezes me.

      Pss. I left this on the link for your creative notebook; but just wanted to be sure you saw this. Didn’t want you to think I was ignoring you! Also, what’s the name of the author you are following on Instagram?


  2. Hi Ainsley,
    I resonate so much with what you have written about yourself. Both the passion and the paralyzing fear that can accompany it. I can’t help by envy your experience in grad school, as I dropped out of college 28 yeas ago and as my own children embark on their college careers I really see the value in that opportunity. I am 46, live in the east bay and my soul aches to be a writer that can share my perspective and possible wisdom about raising unique kids in an area that is much like stepford. haha. I would love to have a snail mail writing exchange with you and perhaps we can even become writing partners and share our work with another. your endeavor of helping these women in such a desperate situation is beyond cool and no doubt offers immeasurable healing in their lives. Bravo!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your encouraging words Sharon! It’s comforting to know I am not the only one who has these two forces struggling within them, and is trying to figure out ways on how to fortify that passion to push through the crippling fear. Slow and steady, is what I keep telling myself. Keep moving forward but make it slow and steady. I would love to exchange snail mail with you and possibly at some point share our writing for a fresh perspective!


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