Awhile back there was a tea swap I partook in at IGGPPC. My tea swap buddy introduced me to a few select teas from Adagio. I must say I never heard of this brand until she sent me some of there stuff. I am officially in love!!

The one I’m particularly loving lately is the Luna Lovegood blend. Yes, you read correctly, they have tea blends titled after an HP character!!! This is where my fandom girl side can’t help but unleash a squeal! They literally have teas based off of characters and themes from various geeky fandoms!!!

This is an added bonus for me. They have a variety of regular tea blends and wide selection of fandom themed ones (e.g. Legend of Zelda potion blends, Dr. Who blends, some anime themed show ones too). In browsing their site there are a variety of flavors I’m looking forward to trying out. Heh. I am really curious about their Legend of Zelda potion ones.

Also, in looking at there gift set they have teas themed around the western zodiac, which I really want to try out!!

I am in no way affiliated with Adagio, I just really wanted to share my discovery of this tea site!! I mean what are the odds of finding a site that not only sells teas but puts wonderful twists into creating various themed blends. I highly recommend anyone who likes tea and or has a heart full of whimiscal Geekytude to check them out.

Now if only payday would come sooner! 😥😅

P.S. Are smileys inappropriate for blogs? 😓


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