Online Ramblings

I have been debating the purpose of a blog for a really long time now. Been self-conscious about having my thoughts, opinions out there in the world for all to see. Nevertheless, I feel it’s the right time to slowly overcome that fear. The fear of being judged by others. It’s interesting, I feel secure enough about myself in real life but for some reason always been nervous about being open on the internet.

Putting this in type has made me realize how silly that fear is. Most of this… this fear has subsided but there’s still that itty bitty kernel of it. I need to move forward.

So as the title of my blog is Vicariously Random; so this blog is going to encompass all my interests. My love for all my geeky fandoms, my experimentation as I learn to care and rock my curls; still learning dealing with the occasional zit (still), managing my weight, maybe some health info depending on where I’m at with my own health; possibly even some of my writing and art work should I get around to sharing.

There will probably be loads of other things that I will be posting. My goal is to try and post something at least 2-3 times in a week. I want this to become a force of habit and maybe then my own creative and personal writings will become consistent and more frequent. Now onto the posting and writing.


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