Coffee & Tea

Woo hoo another post in my blog!!! Woot! So, I want to talk about two camps  people fall under when it comes to of caffeine. Coffee and tea. I have often seen myself as an adamant tea drinker; I LOVE iced black tea. It’s a childhood thing I associate with my dad who would often make sweetened iced tea when I was a child. Since, then I find myself gravitating to it; it’s black iced tea sweetened with splenda.

Recently, I have discovered the joy of Starbucks Iced Coffee with Caramel or Vanilla syrup. I prefer caramel. No milk or anything else; this as something I never tried before. I took a sip and found it super strong but the taste of the caramel light. So decided to add one packet of Splenda to sweeten it up a tad bit and OMG I am in love! I find myself gravitating to Iced coffee with caramel syrup; a tall and it lasts me all day which is perfect best thing it’s only 60 calories. ;D Next, time I get it though going to try for the sugar free caramel syrup though, can’t hurt to make that calorie count 0!

I often see people landing themselves in either the coffee camp or the tea camp. I have always placed myself in the tea camp but now; I must say I enjoy both camps. Specifically, I LOVE mixing my iced coffee with my iced tea and the taste is amazing. Though I have to be careful; the caffeine can be slightly overwhelming for someone who’s used to mostly caffeinated tea.



2 thoughts on “Coffee & Tea

  1. I was a hardcore tea drinker until Swedes came into my life 20 years ago.

    You simply cannot interact with Swedes on a daily basis and not consume coffee at some point. It would be like jumping off a roof and expecting gravity to stop working when you were half way down…. 🙂


    1. Hehe thank you for your reply. I personally find myself going back and forth between tea and coffee. Tea is my go to when I’m kicking back at home. Coffee when I’m out and about; either with the caramel syrup OR mixed with my vanilla protein shake. ;D

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